At the age of 13, Gail Brown (Roach) started her Modelling career at 'Peggy Thompson's Charm Modelling School' in 1982.

As a shy teenage girl, Gail wanted to have more self-confidence. Doing Modelling was just the right choice.

After 2 years of modelling experience and several fashion shows and pageants, Gail was chosen as Top Model of her Modelling School, and the following year, at the age of 15, she received her Teachers Certificate and helped with the conducting of classes for 4 years.

In her busy Matric year, 1988, Gail started her own modelling school under the name 'Gail's Sophisticate Models'

At the end of her matric year, she already had 110 registered models and her very 1st Top Model of the year Competition in 1988, while writing her final Exams.


Gail decided to open a Modelling School because she loved working with children and also helping them to work on developing their own personalities, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Peggy Thompson, her modelling trainer, was her inspiration and role-model. She was highly sophisticated and she taught me lots of values in life. The word 'Sophisticate' was all inspired by Peggy.


'I believe that my strength and success comes from our Heavenly Father for blessing me all these years'

About Gail Brown (Roach)

Gail loves working with children and provides training to aspiring young models through modelling and grooming courses from age 4 to 25 years. She also assists them in development of their self-esteem and self-confidence.


Gail has a democratic leadership style and have surrounded herself with loyal parents, models and committee members who are there to support her in all the aspects of the Modelling School.


’Modelling is more than a career, it is a passion and I am blessed and privileged to share this passion with my beautiful and dedicated models’

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