Mr and Miss East Cape Teen - 21 March 2013

Overall Category Winners

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Mr/Miss Winter Look - 18 May 2013

Overall Category Winners

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EC Model Hunt 2013 - Overall Title Winners

Saturday 17 August 2013

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Overall Model Hunt Junior Winners 2013


Overall Model Hunt Kiddie Winners 2013

Dsc_7574-01     Dsc_7592-01

Overall Model Hunt Teenybob Winners 2013


Overall Model Hunt Teen Winners 2013

Dsc_7598-01     Dsc_7602-01

Overall Model Hunt Senior Winners 2013


Overall Model Hunt Male Winners 2013

Dsc_7609-01     Dsc_7614-01

Model Hunt 2013 Overall Category Winners


Overall Model Hunt Winners 2013

Dsc_7739-01     Dsc_7619-01

EC Model Hunt - Judges : 2013


EC Model Hunt Chief judge and Scout from Pure Management  Cape Town - Maria.

EC Teen 2013


EC Model Hunt 2013

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