EC Teen 2014 - Gala Event

March 2014 - Amphitheatre Boardwalk

Dsc_9542-01     Dsc_9544-01

Overall EC Teen Kiddie Winners 2014


Overall EC Teen Junior Winners 2014

Dsc_9547-01     Dsc_9549-01

Overall EC Teen Tnbob Winners 2014


Overall EC Teen Junior Male Winners 2014

Dsc_9551-01     Dsc_9554-01

Overall EC Teen - Teenage Winners 2014


Overall EC Teen - Senior Winners 2014

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Overall EC Teen Snr Male Winners 2014


EC Teen 2014 : Overall Category Winners

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EC Teen 2014 - Gala Event Judges


The 2013 Overall EC Teen Winners :

Opening Routine

Mr/Miss Winter Look 2014

21 June Amphitheatre Boardwalk

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Kiddie Overall Winter Winners 2014


Junior Overall Winter Winners 2014

Dsc_7277-01-2     Dsc_7286-01-2

Teeny-bob overall Winter Winners 2014


Jnr Boys Overall Winter Winners 2014


Teen Overall Winter Winners 2014


Senior Overall Winter Winners 2014


Mr Winter 2014 Overall Winners


Overall Category Winners Mr/Miss Winter 2014


Mr/Miss Winter 2014 Judges:

Theresa Vlok, Neil Barker and Nastasja Louwskieter.


Mr/Miss Winter 2014 Trophies and giftbags


Mr/Miss Winter 2014 Trophies and Giftbags


Winter Look 2014 Winners

EC Model Hunt 2014 - Overall Title Winners

Amphitheatre Boardwalk - 27 September

1519459_10152793355418169_7193464035278496494_o     10712448_10152793354893169_7804813438538987376_o

Kiddie Overall Winners 2014


Junior Male Overall Winners 2014

10355613_10152793354498169_7147506616705948675_o     Brogan-jacobs-blond

Junior Overall Winners 2014


Teeny-bob Overall Winners 2014

Tane-fry-left-caylin-gie-right     Chwaita-left

Teen Overall Winners 2014


Senior Overall Winners 2014

Azile-left-skye-right     Ec-model-hunt-2014-overall-winners

Overall Male Winners 2014


Overall EC Model Hunt 2014 Winners

Ec-model-hunt-2014-judges     10669378_10152793354063169_8088789073346765949_o

EC Model Hunt 2014 - Judges


EC Model Hunt 2014 - Awards Table


Chief Judge and Scout - Lauren from BOSS Model Management Cape Town.


Overall EC Model Hunt Winners 2014

Mr & Miss EC High Schools 2014

Saturday 6 September - Amphitheatre Boardwalk

Ec-high-schools--brandwag-939     Ec-high-schools--brandwag-944

Top 5 Snr Girls - EC High Schools 2014


Top 5 Snr Guys - EC High Schools 2014

Ec-high-schools--brandwag-947     Ec-high-schools--brandwag-955

EC High Schools - Overall Junior Winners 2014


EC High Schools - Overall Senior Winners 2014

Ec-high-schools--brandwag-958     Ec-high-schools--brandwag-960

Overall EC High Schools - Junior and Senior Winners 2014


Overall Junior and Senior EC High Schools Winners - 2014

Ec-high-schools--brandwag-966     Ec-high-schools--brandwag-969

EC High Schools - Judges & Organizers


EC High Schools - Junior and Senior Winners

Cayla de Lange (Pearson) and Lizelle Bothma (DF Malherbe)

EC Teen 2014



EC Teen 2014

Overall Winners


Winter Look 2014

Overall Winners


EC Model Hunt 2014



EC Model Hunt 2014

Overall Winners


Mr/Miss EC High Schools

Overall Winners 2014

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