2013:  Registration Day & New 2013 Ad Boards

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25th Anniversary: August 2013 Events


Registrations 2012 : Ad Campaign

Asanda Small     Britney Small

Sophisticate Teen Model: Asanda


Sophisticate Teeny-bob Model: Britney

Jnr Faku Small     Leane Small

Sophisticate Jnr. Male Model: Jnr Faku


Sophisticate Teeny-bob Model: Leane

Kayla Small     Thato Small

Sophisticate Teeny-bob Model: Kayla


Sophisticate Teen Model: Thato

Sino Small     TJ Small

Sophisticate Teeny-bob Model: Sinovuyo


Sophisticate Jnr. Male Model: TJ

Registrations 2011: Ad-Campaign

Shana Small     Shaandre 1 Small     Angelique Small

Sophisticate Advance Model and current Top Teen Model: Shana Mouton


Sophisticate Advance and Teen Model: Shaandre van Niekerk


Sophisticate Advance and Teen Model: Angelique Killlian

Jodie Small     Charissa Small     Aleesha Small

Sophisticate Advance and current Jnr. Miss PE, Jodie Mouton


Sophisticate Teen Model: Charissa Gerber


Sophisticate Advance and current Snr. Top Model: Aleesha Gerber

Chloe Small     Carli Small     Ivana Small

Sophisticate Kiddie Model: Chloe De Kock


Sophisticate Jnr Model & current Top Jnr Model: Carli van Onselen


Sophisticate Junior Model: Ivanna Beattie

Leane Small     Kayla Small     Saskia Small

Sophisticate Jnr. Model: Leane Bonthuys


Sophisticate Jnr. Model: Kayla Loock


Sophisticate Jnr. Model: Saskia Smith

Sinetemba Small     Nina Small     Thato Small

Sophisticate Tnbob Model: Sinetemba Fikela


Sophisticate Advance & Tnbob Model: Nina Smith


Sophisticate Tnbob Model: Thato Ruselo

Imke Small     Junior Small     Shaandre 2 Small

Sophisticate Advance & Teen Model: Imke de Lange


Sophisticate Jnr. Male Model: TJ (Junior) Ruselo


Sophisticate Advance & Teen Model: Shaandre van Niekerk

23rd Anniversary 2011 : Ad-Campaign

Charissa Small     Chloe Small     Mikaela Small

Teen Model:

Charissa Gerber


Kiddie Model:

Chloe De Kock


Teen Model and Miss SA Teen 2010: Mikaela Oosthuizen

Aleesha Small     Anneke Small     Shana Mouton Small

Snr. Model & Teacher:

Aleesha Gerber


Junior Model:

Anneke Bushby


Teen Model and FanJam Model : Shana Mouton

Aston Small     Kayla Small     Amishicha Small

Kiddie Model:

Aston Koekemoer


Teen Model:

Kayla Muller


Teeny-bob Model:

Amischka Clarke

Carmen Small     Shaandre 1 Small     Nina Small

Teeny-bob Model:

Carmen Scheepers


Teen Model:

Shaandre van Niekerk


Teeny-bob Model:

Nina Smith

Courtney Small     Q Small     Seren Small

Teeny-bob Model:

Courtney Nel


Senior Model:

Qaqamba Ngwenze


Junior Model:

Seren Koekemoer

Jnr Faku 1 Small     Serena Small     Thabiso Small

Jnr. Male Model:

Jnr. Faku


Kiddie Model:

Serena Escola


Jnr. Male Model:

Thabiso (TJ) Ruselo

Carli Small     Asanda 2 Small     Ivana Small

Teeny-bob Model:

Carli van Onselen


Teeny-bob Model:

Asanda Mchunu


Teeny-bob Model:

Ivana Beattie

Leane Small     Shaandre 2 Small     Claude Small

Teeny-bob Model:

Leane Bonthuys


Teen Model:

Shaandre van Niekerk


Snr. Male Model

Claude vd Rhyst

Thato Small     Tayla Small     Jnr Faku 2 Small

Teeny-bob Model:

Thato Ruselo


Teen Model:

Taylor Brown


Jnr. Male Model:

Jnr. Faku


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