Mr & Miss East Cape Teen 2015 - Gala Event

Saturday 14 March at Feather Market Centre Port Elizabeth

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EC Teen Venue - Feather Market Centre.

Ramp and Decor  : Gala event


EC Teen - Trophy and gift table


EC Teen Trophies, gifts, certificates


EC Teen Trophies, gifts and certificate table.

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EC Teen Judges - EC Teen 2015


EC Teen 2015 - Junior boys Finalists

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EC Teen - some Snr male models


EC Teen - Kiddies Finalists2015

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EC Teen - Junior Finalists 2015


EC Teen - Senior Finalists 2015

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EC Teen - Male finalists 2015


EC Teen - Teen finalists 2015

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Overall EC Teen Kiddie Winners 2015


EC Teen Overall Junior Winners 2015

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EC Teen Overall Tnbob 2015 Winners


EC Teen Overall Jnr Guys 2015

Dsc_3790-01     Dsc_3793-01

EC Teen - Overall Teen winners 2015


EC Teen -  Overall Senior Winners 2015

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EC Teen overall - Male Winners 2015


EC Teen overall - Category winners 2015


EC Teen Overall winners with Organizers

Elmarie van Zyl and Gail Brown


EC Teen - organizers Elmarie van Zyl and

Gail Brown

EC Teen Semi Final

7 March 2015


Mr/Miss Winter Look

Overall Winners 2015


EC Model Hunt

2015 Winners


EC Model Hunt

Judges 2015

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