Sophisticate Top Model of the Year 2017

Saturday 4 November - Feather Market Centre

Theme : The Great Gatsby

Dsc_4631     Dsc_4587

Our Top Model 2017 ramp

Feather Market Centre


Our Table Decor - The Great Gatsby

Dsc_4590     Dsc_4592

The Great Gatsby TM Table Decor


The Great Gatsby TM Table Decor

Dsc_4617     Dsc_4620

Awards and Gift Table


Awards and Gift Table

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Top Model Sashes 2018


Our Gatsby Stage & Decor

Dsc_0718     Dsc_1428

Opening routine with 2016 Overall TM Winners

Dressed by Tillie Maritz


Evening routine with 2016 Overall TM winners

Dressed by Tillie Maritz

Dsc_0762     Dsc_1415

Welcoming and Speaches - 2016 TM Winners


Evening Routine dressed by Tillie Maritz

Top Model 2017 - Overall Category Winners

Dsc_8207   Dsc_8192  
Dsc_8187   Dsc_8238  
Dsc_8228   Dsc_8219  
Dsc_8254   Dsc_8255  

Top Model 2017 - Special Awards & Our Guests

Dsc_2368     Dsc_2381

Top Achievers 2017


Photographic Category Winners 2017

Dsc_2305     Dsc_2313

Qualified Modelling teachers 2017


Our Committee ladies

Dsc_2331     Dsc_2332

Our TM Great Gatsby - Best Dressed Couple


Our Best dressed Guests

Dsc_2342     Dsc_2439

Sophisticate Special Awards 2017


Two of our Top Model Judges 2017

Kobie and Morne

Dsc_2301     Dsc_2388

Announding qualified teachers


Award Ceremony - Kiddies

Dsc_8179     Dsc_2335

Top Male Winners 2017


Special Awards 2017

Dsc_2351     Dsc_2389

Announcing 2017 Debutant Winners


Age category Awards


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Top Modelling Teacher

2017 - Nieke Wait


2017 Modelling Teachers


2016 Overall TM Winners


Dressed by

Tillie Maritz


Dressed by:

Tillie and Heinz

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